Web 2.0 Beanbag

While looking at all of the web 2.0 resources I found a neat one called Beanbag Learning. It’s a way for students and parents to find tutors for any subject. After looking around a bit more I realized it was only in the UK, so not extermely useful for my students; however the idea is there and maybe they will extend it to the United States or something similar will be created here. There is a resources page with videos about study skills, websites with lesson plans for teachers, links to other helpful study sites. This part may be useful for us!

Another thing I found was Waze. It’s an application for user produced content about maps and -traffic problems in real time. Anyone with the application open on their phone while driving will be tracked so other drivers can see if there are traffic jams or accidents. With all the traffic programs in this area I wish I had a smarter phone to be able to use this!