Reflections Day 3

Today was presentation day and I think we had a really good discussion about powerpoint. I like using it because it helps me organize class notes and I am familiar with it so it is easy to write presentations. I do like the idea of uploading my presentations into as a back up to my flash drive, but I am disappointed that it doesn’t keep some of the animations. I think it is important to only reveal some points at a time to keep the students interested and on task and I usually do this by animating the bulletpoints to show up individually.

Today we also had the chance to play around with Prezi and I really enjoyed it! You can see my prezi on the products page and I was very impressed by Nevada’s prezi as well. It’s not quite as user friendly as powerpoint to create, but now that we had a chance to play around with it I think it would be a great way to impress kids. I’m not sure I would use it regularly for class notes, but I’d be willing to try.

I’m looking forward to working with photostory and other programs tomorrow. I love taking pictures and creating projects like photo books, so I’m excited to try something new!

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